Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love BOWS!!!

Flower bows (and yes there are more than that now)

I love bows, making them, having Ellie wear them, giving them as gifts ... ect. I really need to be better about sharing that love here on this blog!!!  P.S. I love Gymboree and so a lot of her bows match outfits from there, but I manage to match almost anything that comes along so .... that is probably why it is a lot of fun for me. I also l love teaching others how to make them and making them for others ... FYI ... LOL .... enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Start .... Sorry

I have had a lot go on in the last little bit ... I AM SORRY that there have not been any new posts. I am getting the craft room put together and once that is done it will be BOW CENTRAL!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today's Double Feature

I had a lot of fun doing Ellie's "zig zag" part in her hair. I have tried before and not been so successful. So yay, it looks good. I did not put bows in her hair because I did the pig tails ... but if I had  I would have put one of these ( I love them with her outfit) happy hair!!!  (Ellie had face paint on her face the day before I took these pictures, so excuse the black lines)

HaPpY FoUrTh of JuLy ~*~*~**~*~

I know, A. I am late and B. I did not make Ellie's bows but .... She looked so darn cute and patriotic. Plus I had fun doing her hair that day, so here you go!! Enjoy

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Pictures of Ellie ....

These are the best pictures I could find of Miss Ellie Belle wearing her first handmade bows. She is so dang cute, I love it. These were take before I knew I was going to do this blog so ... there are more recent better pics to come!! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The First Bows ...

I wish I could remember exactly when ... but I do not. My cousin BRITNEY is the one who taught me how to make bows, Ellie was about 2. Britney was the most crafty, loving, strong, spiritual woman I knew. I will miss her so much, without her this blog would not be possible. She unfortunately passed away and I am DEDICATING this blog to her. I am trying to be more crafty and all though this is a bow blog, if I find myself finishing other "CRAFTY" projects, they may sneak on here as well! The first pictures are of the BOWS she made to teach me ... the first ones I made on my own sucked so bad I did not take pictures ... I do not even think I kept them LOL. I really like to make Ellie bows to match outfits so you will see a lot of pics of Ellie Belle with her "MATCHY BOWS and CLOTHES

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to my bow blog. You all know that I love doing Ellie's hair and I love making bow's to put in that hair. So it is a long time coming but here is the blog to go along with my passion/obsession! If you see something that you like just let me know I am willing to teach anyone interested in learning how to make bows. And if you do not want to learn I can still hook ya' up! I hope you enjoy. I do not show how I do Ellie's hair, I have many links to hair blogs I like. Now if you see a style you like and want to know how to do it I will let you know, or send you the link to the blog I found it on!! Hope you enjoy!! I know that this will be a lot of fun for me ... I hope it is for you too!